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Fallow Deer

The fallow deer is Intermediate in size between roe and red deer and is the only British deer with palmate antlers.  The common variety is the familiar tan/fawn colour with white spotting (becoming long and grey with indistinct spots in winter) on the flanks and white rump patch outlined with characteristic black horse-shoe.

Habitats include mature broadleaf woodland , open coniferous woodland and open agricultural land.  Fallow deers main diet is grass, although young trees and dwarf shrub shoots may be taken during autumn and winter.  Group sizes as well as the degree of sexual segregation varies according to population density and habitat. Groups of adult males and females, usually with young, remain apart for most of the year in large woodlands, only coming together to breed. Sexes freely mix in large herds throughout the year in open, agricultural environments.  During the rut bucks groan tremendously and does with fawns give a short bark when alarmed.

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